Get in the action in the brand new poker room at the Golden Nugget Casino Hotel Biloxi. The new poker room features nine live action, smoke-free tables featuring various poker games such as 2/5 No Limit with a $4 time drop, 1/3 No Limit, 1/2 No Limit $60 minimum buy in/max $200 max, 4/8 Limit, Omaha and Stud- just to name a few. Additional features include a Brush, a Poker Cage and 10 new televisions. Play live action with your 24 KARAT CARD to earn comps for every hour played and poker room hotel rates Sunday-Thursday. Now offering $2 comps per hour of play!


  • Bad Beat Jackpot
    Come play live action poker for a chance to win a JACKPOT!
  • Splash the Pot: Sunday–Thursday 9a to midnight and Friday 9a to 4p
    We will splash every table with a $25 voucher randomly every hour. We will splash the pot from 9am till 10am with $50 voucher. Buzzer located behind the poker podium will randomly sound every hour, indicating that it’s time to splash the pot. Pot will be splashed prior to next hand being dealt after the buzzer has sounded. The player(s) that wins the hands takes the pot with the voucher. Tables receiving a rake reduction will not be eligible. Hold’Em games must be up and running at least 30 minutes after the hour to be eligible.
  • Football Square Madness: Monday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday
    Players will earn a square for every 2 hours starting at 9a Monday till Sunday at midnight. Players upon check out will receive their squares; you can pick a square from any of the above days. Squares earned during this time frame will be for the next week’s games. Games will be posted Monday at 9a the day you start earning your squares. Payouts: First quarter $100, second quarter $100, third quarter $100, final score $100.
  • 7-Card Stud High Hand: Runs 24/7
    Highest hand will receive $50 every hour for mixed games or $100 every for Stud Games.
  • Omaha Wheel Them Out: Runs 24/7
    Anybody that loses high and low ends of the pot with four wheel cards in their hand (hole cards) wins cash.
  • Rank Cracked: Runs 7 days a week from 12a to 9a
    Lose with a straight to a higher straight, get paid $50. Lose with a flush to a higher flush, get paid $50. Lose with a set to a higher set, get paid $75. Lose with a full house to a higher full house, get paid $100. Both cards in your hand must play and for the set over set you must have a pocket pair. Live action, Jackpot-Eligible Hold’Em Games only. Tables receiving a rake reduction will not be eligible for this promotion and there must be $30 in the pot to be eligible.
  • Omaha Mini – Bad Beat Jackpot: Runs 7 days a week from 6p to 4a
    Qualifying hands will be Any Four of a Kind or better beaten, both players Omaha hands must use two cards from their hand and three cards from the board to qualify. There is a $40 dollar pot minimum to qualify.
  • Hold’Em Mini – Bad Beat Jackpot: Monday, Wednesday and Friday 11a to 4p. Tuesday and Thursday 6p to midnight
    Qualifying hands will be Jacks Full or better beaten, both players Hold’Em hands must use both cards from their hand with three cards from the board to qualify. There must be $40 dollar pot minimum to qualify.


  • $65 No Limit Hold'Em Tournament: Mondays at 7p and Friday at 1p
    $50 Entry+$2 Registration+$3 Promotion+10 Optional Dealer Appreciation.
  • $50 No Limit Hold'Em Rebuy/Bounty: Saturday at 1p
    $25+$2 Registrations+$3 Promotions+$10 Optional Dealer Appreciation+$10 Bounty. Players may rebuy for $20 or do a double rebuy for $40. At the first break you may Add-On $25.
  • $40 No Limit Hold'Em Rebuy Tournament: Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday at 7p
    $25 Entry+$2 Registration+$3 Promotions+$10 Optional Dealer Appreciation. Players may rebuy for $20 or do a double rebuy for $40. At the first break you may Add-On for $25.


  • Runs 7 Days a Week
  • Highest Hand Will Receive $100 Every Hour
  • 9am-10am, 10am-11am, 11am-12pm, 4pm-5pm, 5pm-6pm, 6pm-7pm, 12am-1am, 1am-2am, 2am-3am
8AM-9AM 9AM-10AM 4PM-5PM 5PM-6PM
$100 $100 $100 $100

Any player who makes a hand of Aces Full or Better will be eligible to win the allotted cash prize for that hour.

Any hour where the high hand does not have a winner $50 will roll over till the next hour’s session or day. 8am till 10am and 4pm till 6pm will be considered two separate sessions.

Hands must be shown to the Supervisor for verification.

Live action Jackpot eligible Hold’Em games only. Both cards in your hand must play and board high hands are not eligible. Tables receiving a rake reduction will not be eligible. Promotion starts at the above times with the first payout being one hour later. In case of ties, money will be split.


  • $130 Celebrity Bounty Tournament: September 27 – Saturday at 1pm
    $75 Entry+$10 Registration+$10 Specialty Promotion+$10 Optional Deal Appreciation+$25 Bounty.
  • $50 Crazy Pineapple Rebuy/Bounty Tournament: Tuesdays at 7pm
    $25 Entry+$2 Registration+$3 Promotion+$10 Optional Dealer Appreciation+$10 Bounty